If you’re not feeling great and have some type of musculoskeletal problem, then a Bounce physiotherapist can help you. Whether you are in severe pain or suffer from occasional aches and pains, Bounce physiotherapists are safe, well-trained professionals who can take care of you. Physiotherapy is a proven approach for managing musculoskeletal dysfunction.

The highly skilled physiotherapists at Bounce Physio are focussed on achieving a successful result for you with every treatment session. Our caring physiotherapists will discuss your problem in detail, and will work with you to develop a solution to your needs.

What to expect from Bounce Physiotherapy?

Initial visit

Your initial consultation includes a thorough subjective and objective examination, with hands-on treatment starting Day 1. We use orthopaedic tests, range of movement tests, palpation, digital spinal analysis, X-rays and other investigations to determine not only the source of your pain but the underlying cause of your problem. Based upon our examination findings we will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Follow up visit

At your follow up visit you will be given a written report of findings, and recommended an action plan. Typically we use 2-4 sessions to evaluate your response to therapy and the extent of any underlying dysfunction. A management program is developed with you and is directed towards your health needs and goals.  Take advantage, healthcare is your most important asset!

Treatment techniques and options

The therapists at Bounce Physio utilise a variety of techniques and treatment options including: