Falls prevention is an important aspect of physiotherapy, as falls can lead to serious injuries such as fractures of the hip and wrist. Identifying a lack in balance early is vital in the prevention of a fall. However, should you suffer a fall, it is not too late to reduce the risk of future falls by performing a balance and conditioning program. Physiotherapy interventions at Bounce Physio for falls prevention include: 

Balance training – exercises to improve balance, stability, and coordination to reduce the risk of falls. 

Strength training – to improve muscle strength and support, especially in the legs and trunk, to increase stability and reduce the risk of falls. 

Gait training – to help improve the way a person walks and reduce the risk of falls. 

Vestibular rehabilitation – to improve inner ear balance and stability, especially in cases where vestibular dysfunction is a contributing factor to falls. 

Home safety assessment – to identify and remove any potential fall hazards in the home environment. 

Referral to your GP for a Medication review – to assess the potential side effects of medications that may increase the risk of falls.