Do you suffer from hip, groin or knee pain? This can be brought about by something as simple as having poor hip and knee control. Just like good ‘core’ muscle control is important in fixing back pain, good hip and knee control is crucial in controlling the position of the hip pelvis and upper leg particularly in single leg day to to day activities like walking, running, jumping or kicking.

When deeper hip stabilising muscles turn off to a varying degree due to pain/injury and struggle to switch back on over a period of time, this can cause further secondary problems as the body compensates by:

  • increasing the workload of the larger hip and buttock muscles causing muscle fatigue, knots and tightness.
  • causing you to adopt a poor pelvic and lower back joint posture due to weakness.

As a result when other back and hip muscles compensate to stabilise the dropping hip, secondary hip and groin pain develop and can be detrimental long term. Increased stress on joints and damage predisposes you to early onset degenerative arthritis not only in the hip but back, knee and ankle as well.

I have poor hip control – What do I do?

If you have persistent hip, back or knee pain contact Bounce physio for a detailed assessment. Our experienced physiotherapists can do a full hip and knee examination to assess your hip strength and control, manage your pain and begin an individualised appropriate rehab program to help you get back on track.