Bounce Physio runs a series of group exercise classes across our clinics because we understand that despite our best intentions, sometimes we don’t get around to exercising the way we should.

Our experienced physios draw from a number of exercise systems you may already know including Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics (Including Aqua Aerobics) and Resistance training. Our 1-on-1 Orientation sessions allow our therapists to blend a perfect combination of exercises to meet your needs, whether you’re restarting after a bit of time off, transitioning from injury rehab, or looking to optimise your performance while preventing future injury.

If you can’t see and feel the benefits, it is too easy to fall out of good habits! That’s why we set regular reexams to ensure your goals are being reached, and new goals are being set! Small class sizes allow our therapists to keep the sessions specific to you too. Whether it be working on Balance, sore knees, tight Hamstrings, weak Glutes or a stiff Low Back, we will make sure you fit into a class that is appropriate to your individual wants & needs.

Actively Ageing & Falls Prevention Exercise Classes

This class is designed for or over 65s who commonly suffer from joint stiffness, muscle weakness & balance impairments.

These classes will empower you to maintain your independence, continue accessing the community and avoid isolation, engage in your favourite hobbies and most importantly avoid disastrous falls.

Did you know?

There is a mortality rate of almost 1 in 4 for people who suffer a Fractured Hip (a common injury following a fall). Not to mention the 1 in 3 people who require higher level care for living as a result.

These ghastly stats are what motivate us at Bounce Physio to provide a safe, social and friendly environment where we work together to reduce falls and promote an active & healthy lifestyle in our communities.

Core Strength & Stability Exercise Classes (Using Pilates & Yoga Principles)

Back pain is considered one of the largest challenges facing Australia’s medical system at the moment. An increasingly sedentary lifestyle is thought to be a significant contributing factor to this issue. Consider what percentage of your day is spent at a desk, behind a steering wheel or staring at a screen. Now compare that to how long we spend exercising & moving. The more sedentary we are, the less we stimulate our musculoskeletal system to remain fit, strong and supple. That is why these exercise classes target the local muscles around the Low Back and promote healthy movement from the spine all the way out to the limbs.

Do you suffer from Low Back Pain?

Pilates & Yoga are very popular fitness systems that focus on a number of specific exercise principles. Many of our Therapists are qualified to use these systems as part of their treatment and will blend exercises from these disciplines into our classes to improve control, posture, flexibility, balance & strength.

The term ‘Functional Exercise’ has also become popular in recent years with many Gym programs designed around this principle. Functional exercise targets & strengthen participants through whole body movements that we as human beings use in our day to day lives. Many consider functional exercises as a holistic way to improve the way we move, more so than traditional isolation exercises popularised by bodybuilders.

From a Physio’s perspective, all of these systems have pros and cons, and depending on your goals we will help you decide where to start, when to progress and how to progress safely. The beauty of Bounce Physio’s exercise classes is that we take only the best bits from each discipline and package them into a neat 60min class for you to enjoy – no hassle or fuss, just show up and give it your all!

Hydrotherapy & Aquatic Exercise Classes

Bounce Physio offers Hydrotherapy services at a few pools across the greater Brisbane area including Cleveland and Newmarket Pools.

Learn more about hydrotherapy and its benefits >>

If you want to feel safe while you work up a sweat and soothe your muscles in a temperature-controlled pool – our Hydrotherapy & Aquatic Exercise Classes are for you!

We run classes all year round to help people managing Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements, Lumbar Spine Pain, Spinal Operations (Microdiscectomy, Laminectomy etc.), Ankylosing Spondylitis, Bone Stress Injuries and so many more.

All Bounce Physio Hydrotherapy class participants are initially individually assessed and guided through pool sessions to ensure you’re getting exactly what you are looking for! Once all parties are confident, we will help you choose the most appropriate class to keep making progress and reaching your goals.