Over the years the incidence of back pain has risen significantly due to the increase in work duties involving prolonged sitting. Majority of back issues are non-specific and accumulative brought on by trivial events such as twisting or bending to pick something off the floor. With the ever increasing surge of alternative therapies, a variety of equipment for back relief and prevention and different opinions of best sitting posture, who should you listen to?

Despite the individuality of our spine compared to others, the biggest strategy to aid back pain relief and prevention in sitting is to decrease compressive spinal forces and reduce muscle activity

 Ergonomic chairs, lumbar rolls and footrests are good if you have trialled them and found them to be effective. The human spine is not designed to be static and sitting for long periods can have many impacts so remember to move every 30 to 60 minutes, exercise, stretch and see one of our trained physiotherapists to get rid of any aches and pains